Comprehensive program for communication with your client through the entire mortgage lifecycle.


Strategies for communicating with clients with specific needs and situations.


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An effective step by step system, process and deal flow to manage your client communication strategy effortlessly.

Program Components

You will receive the following when you purchase any one of our courses.

Training Modules

A comprehensive set of training modules that will walk you through all elements of the program while providing invaluable information and insight and narrated by a top producing mortgage broker. Learn how to implement, use and maximize results with differentiating techniques.


Includes a set of templates, scripts and real tools to help you get started in your mortgage business. Point and Click easy to use soft copy templates to maximize your business growth and deliver value to your clients - no reinventing the wheel required - no technical experience required.


Valuable workbook that is a step by step guide to learning, understanding, and implementing the program content. A guide that will be used over and over again - while initially learning the program and then for future reference.   Start to build your library of knowledge and experience.


Point-n-click efficient communication programs that effortlessly create a wow factor for loyal clients and endless referrals.

Initial Lead

Guarantees to convert a warm lead into a loyal client for life and endless referrals. Essential steps that builds a strong foundation and priceless database of customers. Includes our sought after Marketing and Lead Tracking Tool that provides a laser focused approach to marketing.


An effective step by step process and deal flow that builds a strong relationship and leverages your added value against your competition during the house hunting stage. Overcome objections and challenges from influences while creating loyalty that guarantees to convert to income!


Beat your competition; existing incumbent lender, with options that showcase and leverage what makes your options more favourable to the client. Saving unnecessary interest and providing optimum terms and conditions that meet your client’s needs now and in the future – maximize your VIP status.

Purchase Principal

Purchasing, moving up or moving down requires providing multiple options and scenarios – from assumable, portable, top up and blend, extend or a brand new customized solution for your client. Beat your competition, manage influencers, overcome objections and create loyal clients for life.

Renewal Switch Transfer

Renewals are an untapped market; learn the opportunity to leverage and grow your business. Tools, templates and strategies that work and provide the added value your clients need too they can transition seamlessly – overcoming objections and prying them away from their existing lender over and above rate!



Unique situations and client needs that require a specialized communication strategy. Advanced modules to build on the skills learned in Managing Business 101.

Rental Properties

Working with real estate investors requires an exceptional power team mortgage broker. Communicating as an expert and creating a Real Estate Investment Financing Plan that assists them in purchasing and refinancing an unlimited portfolio while not getting “capped out” is key. A step-by-step process for success is guaranteed to wow your sophisticated investors!

Rent to Own

A perfect solution that helps your client become a home owner that otherwise wouldn’t qualify (low down payment, weak credit or income challenges, etc.). A step by step guide on how to qualify tenant buyers, create a detailed analysis and communicate effectively. Strategies and tips to ensure your tenant buyer qualifies for a mortgage at the end (contracts not included).


Communication with someone that is going through a separation and divorce takes sensitivity but also requires the right options being presented and all aspects considered. This advance module goes through the nuances to consider and how to effectively add value while providing the right options.

New to Canada

Whether on work visas, landed immigrants or temporary residents, communicating in detail the step by step process to purchasing a home in Canada will create a client for life. Managing each detail with easy point and click templates that showcase your expertise and also address the nuances of purchasing in Canada.


The self-employed entrepreneur benefits from minimizing their tax burden while at the same time the flexibility for alternative income sources – not all of which are acceptable with the changing underwriting landscape. This module addresses how to effectively communicate and position the different mortgage options when not always the best rate available!

Second Mortgages

Sometimes the best option for your client on a purchase is a 1st and 2nd mortgage combination; or on refinance is to keep an existing 1st but ad a 2nd mortgage instead.  Effectively communication the different options, including the unnecessary interested savings ensures the most suitable options are presented. A clear exit strategy further adds value and sets you apart.

Construction/Draw Mortgages

It can be a complicated process working through the three stages of financing – land acquisition, construction draws and take out. This advance module makes it easy with templates that effectively communicate the process and different steps to your client while they focus on the fun stuff – designing and building their dream home!

Cottages/Second Homes

Purchasing or refinancing a cottage property or a second home using this advance module will ensure you cover all aspects. Providing your client with all the their options presented in a way that covers all the nuances will ensure you win over that client for life! Great marketing and lead generation ideas are shared to increase your business in this niche market.

Rural & Acreages

Purchasing a rural property or an acreage requires an expert mortgage broker to fully understand the differences between residential rural, agricultural and hot o qualify based on the size of the acreage. This advance module will ensure you cover all aspects to communicate effectively and look for underwriting nuances to consider ensuring a smooth closing.

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What's Next?


You’ve now developed a successful business that is running smoothly and efficiently, and now you need help plus the option to take time off! You many need to employ additional staff and resources and/or considering growing an effective team of agents.

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