Determine when you are ready to hire an assistant and grow your business.


Develop techniques to hire and keep the right mortgage agents for your business.

You’ve now developed a successful business that is running smoothly and efficiently but you need help to further grow — including taking some time off and relax a little!

Program Components

You will receive the following when you purchase any one of our courses.

Training Modules

A comprehensive set of training modules that will walk you through all elements of the program while providing invaluable information and insight and narrated by a top producing mortgage broker. Learn how to implement, use and maximize results with differentiating techniques.


Includes a set of templates, scripts and real tools to help you get started in your mortgage business. Point and Click easy to use soft copy templates to maximize your business growth and deliver value to your clients - no reinventing the wheel required - no technical experience required.


Valuable workbook that is a step by step guide to learning, understanding, and implementing the program content. A guide that will be used over and over again - while initially learning the program and then for future reference.   Start to build your library of knowledge and experience.


Hire the right staff and resources that work for you and allow you to leave your business and it functions smoothly without you. Don’t make expensive mistakes; make the right hiring choice!

Hiring an Assistant 101

A complete program that is essential to successfully hiring the right support staff you can trust. From understanding if you and your business is ready, detailed job descriptions, contract templates, hiring and firing processes and so much more! Overcoming your concerns and objections to taking your business to the next level — working smarter not harder means you need help and this is the module for you!


Growing a team might be the logical step but do you want to run a day care for adults or create an alternative income stream, succession planning, leave a legacy and be part of creating the next future leaders of our industry?

Growing a Team 101

A complete program that will give you a complete plan to help you expand & grow an efficient & income generating team. Don’t run a day care for adults! Learn how to attract and hire, contract terms to consider & commitments, commission splits, fees & costs, training, mentoring & retention & letting go. Walk away with a complete team & wealth growth action plan (diapers not included!).

What's Next?


Looking for an edge and want to work with clients that have diverse and unique needs who need an expert? Sometimes finding it challenges to fund files? Hoping to specialize in certain niche markets to differentiate you and your business? Consider our Expert programs.

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