Take control of your business: Underwriting and creative financing solution for unique clients that might not fit in the box! Unique tools, scripts, calculators and templates.


How to finance rental property portfolios; from small investors with 1-4 properties to sophisticated investors with 20+ and corporate structures. Don’t Cap Out!


How to underwrite and fund your first time home buyers. From troubleshooting your file and negotiating tactics to marketing strategies to grow this specific niche market.

Learn unique ways to become an expert in a specific niche market - from funding to lead generation and target demographic marketing that works.

Program Components

You will receive the following when you purchase any one of our courses.

Training Modules

A comprehensive set of training modules that will walk you through all elements of the program while providing invaluable information and insight and narrated by a top producing mortgage broker. Learn how to implement, use and maximize results with differentiating techniques.


Includes a set of templates, scripts and real tools to help you get started in your mortgage business. Point and Click easy to use soft copy templates to maximize your business growth and deliver value to your clients - no reinventing the wheel required - no technical experience required.


Valuable workbook that is a step by step guide to learning, understanding, and implementing the program content. A guide that will be used over and over again - while initially learning the program and then for future reference.   Start to build your library of knowledge and experience.



Recommended for brokers licensed more than 2 years, 20+ deals funded or have completed the NEW Mortgage Agent Starter Program

Underwrite & Fund Alternative Clients

Maintain some sanity and learn unique underwriting skills and techniques that top producers use to fund their more challenging clients; from Alternative B to Sub Prime such as:

  • Credit Challenged – from minor blips to double bankruptcy
  • Self Employed – Fully qualifying, stated, NIQ or ?
  • Alternative Income Sources (foster, rental, seasonal and more…)
  • Rentals, rural, hobby farms, raw land, 2nd homes, cottages, etc.
  • Construction financing; purchase plus improvements.
  • Basic Vendor Take Backs, 2 Mortgages, Vender Incentives
  • Non-Permanent or Temporary residents
  • Selling your B deal for an approval or even A options! And more….

Don’t wing it and make expensive mistakes that will impact you, your brand and your clients.

Unique tools, scripts, calculators and templates that are priceless. Recommended  for brokers licensed more than 2 years, 20+ deals funded or have completed the Mortgage Agent Starter Program.

*BONUS: Program includes a complete chapter on funding your more traditional client profile.


Recommended for experienced brokers licensed more than 2 years, 200+ deals funded or have completed Part I - Underwrite and Fund Alternative Clients.

Complete Creative Financing Package

Creative financing techniques and strategies that not only give you a clear edge but also provide unlimited growth opportunities for your business that you never dreamed would be possible – maybe you are bored of data entry and tired of fighting with rate shoppers! Learn innovative & creative financing solutions for their clients, fund more mortgages, but most important, limit the time and stress of trying to “figure it out”. you have built a large database of clients that isn’t being mined property and you know there is potential there for more! Stop spending any more money on marketing when you have a goldmine already in your business – this program will show you how.

Get the freedom to choose; fire the clients that currently drive you nuts, drain your time or make you wish you weren’t a mortgage broker, and instead truly differentiate and take control of your business.

This program will increase your revenue and teach you Creative Financing Techniques such as:

  • The power of Cash is King – accessing unlimited funds for your clients
  • Exclusivity & Brokerage Fee Agreements
  • General Security Agreements
  • Quit Claims
  • Additional security options
  • Create and Finance a Successful Rent to Own Program
  • 25+ Vendor Take Back Clauses that work in any market!
  • Blanket, Syndicate & Blanket Syndicate Mortgages
  • Private Lending and Fund Building using SD RSP, LIRA, DSP & TFSA
  • Applying the Rule of 72 for endless access to private funds
  • Hard Money Promissory Note Lending
  • Re-advanceable Tax Deductible Mortgages
  • Cash Flow Analysis and KPI
  • Factoring Loans and Leasing Opportunities
  • 45 Stigmatized Properties from Grow-Ops to Student Housing
  • JV Partners & maximize Foreclosure Opportunities
  • Innovative Down Payment Sources such as 0% down, sweat equity
  • And so much more….

Unique tools, scripts, calculators and templates that are priceless. Recommended for experienced brokers licensed more than 2 years, 20+ deals funded or have completed Part I - Underwrite and Fund Alternative Clients Program.


Purchase individual sections of the Creative Financing Part II

Multiple Offer

Vendor Take Backs

Cash Flow Analysis & KPI

Tax Deductible Mortgages

Ensure you as a mortgage broker can support your client during a bidding war and multiple offer scenarios. Learn strategies for addressing ‘firm’ offers and ‘emotional price premium’ situations to protect both you and your client from funding challenges!

VTB’s have a place in our market; go beyond the basic to the more creative opportunity to maximize the potential of a motivated seller! Assist your clients and real estate agents with over 25+ different options that create a win-win for everyone!

Learn how to conduct a thorough Cash Flow Analysis for income generating properties – residential and commercial. Key Performance Indicators explained to maximize the acquisition and exit strategy of your clients – a priceless differentiating factor!

Learn how to leverage the benefits of tax deductible re-advanceable mortgages. A great business growth opportunity that includes assisting clients in maximizing their equity and borrow money to make money! Considering adding the Private Fund Building Program

Syndicate Mortgages

Blanket Mortgages

Blanket Syndicate

Factoring Loans

Syndicate mortgages are not for everyone and require a broker to truly understand the risks and rewards as well as ensure full compliance with your brokerage and provincial licensing body. Learn the strategy and how to implement with success.

Whether it is small amounts of equity in multiple properties or adding a second property as a security, blanket mortgages can provide a creative financing solution. Also access to additional cash and wealth growth potential for you and your clients!

Combine the creative financing strategy of syndicate and blanket mortgages together while at the stake time protecting eh borrow and lenders. Whether the facilitated on a high net worth borrower or multiple investors, learn how to facilitate correctly.

Fluctuations in cash flow and lengthy collection of receivable can be a business breaker for an entrepreneur, including mortgage brokers. Support your business clients in borrowing against their Accounts Receivable to free up cash while balance the risk and rewards for both!

Private Fund Building

Hard Money Funding

Stigmatized Properties

Tired of co-brokering private deals or see hefty lender/broker fees impact the suitability for your clients? Consider building your own source of private funds. Learn about private fund building such as self-directed RSPs, LIRAs, TFSAs, borrowed equity and cash. Grow your business and differentiate!

You must be an experienced mortgage broker to facilitate this kind of financing preferable using your own funds or those accredited investors. Understand everything you need to know about the risks, rewards and typical client profile. Fund the Unfindable!

Negotiation and funding techniques to providing funding not matter the type of property. From grow ops to UFFI and more, think outside the box with different strategies, whether permanent and semi-permanent stigmatization, to create a unique niche.



Help your clients become credit worth again – no matter the challenges int he past – with this easy to use point-n-click Credit Improvement Action Plan that will not only add value to your clients, create that wow factor but only take a few minutes to complete.

Credit Improvement Action Plan

Bad things happen to good people. Whether it is a divorce, lost job or income, moving province, family or personal illness, these all present challenges for everyone. As part of being a mortgage professional, you provide sound advice, education and clear plan on how your client can rebuild their credit, overcome challenges in qualifying for financing and of course in turn meet their home ownership dreams.


Become the Power Team mortgage broker of choice with real estate investors. A complete program specifically for finding, developing and maintaining relationships and funding for serious real estate investors – whether small to sophisticated and professional landlords.

Lead Generation

12 unique and creative marketing strategies and plan. Learn multiple leveraging and financing tactics to differentiate with both small, sophisticated and professional landlords. A step-by-step Marketing Plan for success that starts with how to educate and share your knowledge. Learn about creative financing options and strategies that create wealth through real estate no matter the quadrant of wealth your client is focused on! Acquisition and exit strategy synergy for your clients.

Add Value & Differentiate

Communicating as an expert using a Real Estate Investment Financing Plan template that assists them in purchasing and refinancing an unlimited portfolio while not getting “capped out” is key. A step-by-step process for success is guaranteed to wow you sophisticated investors! Detailed questionnaires and option templates that outline a clear plan to ensure your client feels secure in their real estate investment strategy.

Underwrite & Fund

Breakdown and understanding of all lender guidelines and investor strategies including property types, varying GDS/TDS calculations, VTB’s, secondary financing, add-backs, hold-co and op-co covenant guidelines and more. Techniques for overcoming challenges and offering solutions for acquisitions and exit strategy synergy. Don’t Cap Out your clients - learn the benefits of a complete funding plan and clients for life!


Purchase the individual Real Estate Investor PowerPoint Presentations – Tools for Discussing with Your Clients

PowerPoint Series

REI 101 – Is Real Estate Investing for You?

REI 102 – Landlord or Banker? How do you choose.

REI 103 – Rent or Lease to Own 101

REI 104 – Rent or Lease to Own 102

REI 105 – Understanding you Credit Bureau and Your Tenants

REI 106 – Tenant Pre-Screening for Success

REI 107 – Your Investor Power Team - Building & Utilizing

REI 108 – Self Directed RRSP’s - What, why & how?


 Become the mortgage broker of choice for first time home buyers and their friends and family! A complete program specifically for finding,d developing and maintaining relationships and funding for first time home buyers – untapped potential to grow your business with customers for life or until their mortgage burning party!

Lead Generation

Market share with first time home buyers is over 50% and growing – a great target customer that benefits from the education and added value you provide. Learn how to find and attract first time home buyers through a point and click marketing plan. Understand their fears, wants and needs and learn how to address concerns and overcome objections.Truly differentiate yourself form the competition by leverage and building a database of first time home buyers that will become your customers for life – or until their mortgage burning party! Abundant and endless referrals steaming in! Great starting point for new agent as you know more than your client does!

Add Value & Differentiate

An effective step by step process and eat flow that builds a strong relationship and leverages your added value against your competition during the house hunting and purchasing stage. Overcome objections and challenges from influencers while creating loyalty that guarantees to convert to income and of course clients for life! Purchasing their firs home requires providing multiple options an scenarios to your client – a clear communications strategy that includes templates and added value marketing pieces and more.

Underwrite & Fund

Essential underwritten techniques top producers use that will ensure fast efficient approvals and funding. Learn how to fund mortgages for traditional clients quickly and efficiently and not make mistakes. Know what to ask your client the firs time so no back and forth. Your first time home buyers don’t know what you need to know so learn how to ask the vital secondary questions to underwrite accurately and provide the right mortgage that meets their client’s needs. Troubleshooting techniques to that you don’t wing it and make expensive mistakes that will impact you, your brand and your clients. Unique tools, calculators and templates that are priceless.


Purchase the individual First Time Home Buyers PowerPoint Presentations – Tools for Discussing with Your Clients

PowerPoint Series

FTHB 101 – Is now the right time to buy for you?

FTHB 102 – Budget &  Planning:  What can you afford?

FTHB 103 – Step-by-step to Buying Your First Home!

FTHB 104 – Your Credit Score & How to Save Unnecessary Interest

FTHB 105 – First Time Home Buyer Incentives & How to Claim Them

FTHB 106 - Mortgages:  How to Select the Right One for You!

FTHB 107 – Financing a Fixer Upper & Renovations: Now & Later

FTHB 108 – So you aren’t ready:  Future Home Owner Action Plans

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